New ANTI-Projectile Systems (Trophy System) Are Coming into Full Swing on European Training Camps

Read up on the New tech being added on European tanks!

European training camp Bergen-Hohne Training Area has been seeing some weird shaped boxes on the side of tanks but what are they? A storage for Secret mid combat snacks maybe? Ice-cream parlour retrofit? No, Neither of these, the truth is far more…Explosive? Who would of known?

Now no doubt you dont know me but this is how my news posts work, No i am not going to fill you with super technical names and contracts you WILL forget, But I will nicely outline it for you.

Basically This a shotgun in a box in a simple terms, Far more complex than that in the long run, but if we went into the Blueprints we would be here all day, a Trophy system detects incoming projectiles like say a rocket from a RPG-7 or A ATGM god forbid, and when said projectile is few meters away, it showers the shell or whatever it maybe with metal pellets fired from a controlled explosive, either disintegrating the projectile or outright setting it off before impact *see video for more*

So what does this mean for armoured vehicles? It means the days of a £4.3 million pound machine is not turned to ruin from a guy in rags with a big rocket boom stick. And lighter vehicles are not taken out by something that would annihilate them no matter the point of impact or the armour, Therefor making armour support far better in Guerrilla type warfare as seen in the middle east.

So when was this first implemented or researched? Will we not see wide scale use for years or next month?

In 2018 Leonardo DRS got awarded a $193 million to equip the SEP V2 Varients of the M1A2 with the Trophy systems developed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems.

An M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank loaded on an M1300 Heavy Equipment Transport System

Apparently there are 8 of these equipped as of now, but who can trust reports these days, And with Covid-19 Progress on this is halted by a significant margin. But no doubt this will be a big deal in the future and will save countless lives, but my question is…What will they make to counter it? War is war after all.

I imagine Full scale adaptation will be around 2022 but this is just a guess, not a fact or supreme judgement, Plus they look like funny ears.

Who would of known some ****s weird taste could lead to this pandemic…

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